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Review : Heroes and Villains by Stacey Johnston


California Dreaming……..more like Ben Dreaming

            What can I say about Heroes and Villains – California Dreaming Book 1? Well, I absolutely loved it. This is first time I have ever read anything written by Stacey Johnston and she definitely did not disappoint me. California Dreaming was a well thought out story and was written exceptionally well. Well done, Stacey, well done.

            The story starts off from Sophie’s point of view. She reflects on her life in California and how upset she was that her father up and moved her family to Brooklyn. When moving she met four mysterious boys, who she cleverly got to help her and her brother move. But there is one boy, Ben, that caught Sophie’s attention. He was a smart ass which balanced Sophie’s wittiness. There was instant chemistry between the two of them. And when Sophie and Ben hooked up, it was naughty, hot and impulsive all at one. I thought to myself, “Um, they are 18.” I did feel a little dirty reading about 18 years olds having hot sex. But the chemistry was there, so it worked really well.

            This book had a lot of suspense, that left you wondering what was going to happen next? 

Without giving too much detail away, it is amazing how Stacey was able to intertwined the Sophie and Ben’s connection together. I could not get enough of Sophie and Ben characters. They gave each other the sweetest nicknames which in ways was a little old fashioned, sweet one and my blue-eyed boy. In ways, they were old souls in teenager’s body.

            This was a great debut novel from Stacey Johnston. I definitely look forward to reading the books to come in this series.

            My rating is FIVE FABULOUS STARS. 

Reviewed By : Kris F.