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Review : Hot Puck by Skye Jordan


‘Hot Puck’ by Skye Jordan is such a treat to read. This book is the second in the Rough Riders series and as someone who hasn’t read the first one it is completely fine you can jump right in but after reading this book I will go back and read the first one. This was a 4.5 star read for me.

This book revolves around Beckett Cross, a hot as sin hockey player who has definitely enjoyed being a player in the past and is still not keen on anything long term. He has a daughter that he is keen to make a home for and keep from the spotlight. After finding out about his daughter and gaining custody of her meant he has had to change his ways a bit and is learning to modify his behaviour slightly when it comes to patience and even opening his heart to love.

Eden is a feisty EMT in training and is called upon to look at Beckett when he is knocked down and cracks his head on the ice. There is some back and forth regarding him not wanting to go the hospital but Eden takes charge and he goes. Hiding her past inside she tends to stay clear of guys after her last relationship being quite abusive but due to the charm and realisation that she needs to move on and live she relents and goes out with him.

The connection between them was obvious and brilliant to read. After her past relationship being violent a guy like Beckett with so much aggression on the ice is not really someone that Eden sees herself being with but he might just be what she needs. The flirting, dirty talk and banter was great to read and I have to say I just loved them both. Reading how they developed unexpected feelings and dealing with the obstacles of not only ex’s but also internal struggles was enthralling. The whole book was wonderfully written and really you can never go as far as I’m concerned if you put a sexy hockey player in the mix.

Reviewed by Louise G.