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Review : Into the Tomorrows by Whitney Barbetti


I love anything this talented Author writes and Into the Tomorrows is a prime example of why. Poignant, beautiful and gripping, this read will suck you in from the moment you begin reading. 

The story revolves around Tricia and her journey of self discovery, finding forgiveness and love in the least unlikely places. This girl has had her fair share of heart break. Life has not been kind to her. Moving to a beautiful, peaceful locale you root for this damaged girl to finally find peace. Quickly the reader realizes that she still a long road ahead of her. 

Jude comes into Tricia's life right when she needs him the most. In a relationship with a man that doesn't deserve the love of a fragile girl, Tricia must start makes decisions. 

Go along on this journey right beside Tricia but make sure to have tissues handy. 

This is not a standalone and you must wait for the sequel but I guarantee you that you will you not be disappointed. This is one story that needs to be read !