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Review : Letters From Jayson by Amy Hale


*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

‘Letters From Jayson’ is a standalone novel by Amy Hale  .
Lindsey is a news reporter who is currently working for a company run by a man who does not value the capability of women  .  She has been in her position for a while now and has consistently watched as the men around her have been promoted over and around her  .  The current blow was that a man who just graduated from school was promoted over her  .  She was very disheartened by this and felt the need to voice her opinion  .  She works in a business where sexual harassment and negative comments from the men around her are a common situation and she will not take it anymore  .  She requests that a change occur and her boss gives her a great story to run with  .  She is now on her way to Florida to meet and interview one of the up and coming writers who has never been interviewed before  .

Jayson is a writer  .  He is past his deadline and all he wants to do is to work in silence without and distractions or interruptions  .  He has written a couple of novels before and he is having a time with finishing his current novel  .

Lindsey and Jayson meet because they end up renting the same beach house while they are away for their job  .  Both are disconcerted by this event  .  Jayson does not want her there because she would be a distraction to him while he is trying to write  .  Lindsey needs to stay because she doesn’t really have the money needed to stay at a hotel  .  They begin writing letters to each other in order to voice their opinions  .  They constantly disagree  .  But then they begin to acknowledge their attraction for each other  .

Will they move forward to see if their attraction is mutual  ?  Or will they continue to be adversaries  ?

I really liked this book  .  It was a great read .  I would give this book four stars  .

Reviewed by Nicole W.