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Review : A Little Sugar, A lot of Love by Linn. B. Halton

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Katie is happy in life  She was able to own her own business, a bakery that has been her dream for quite some time. She is very happy with the décor and the way that her small business is running. She feels as though the realization of her dream couldn’t get any better  .
Steve is Katie’s partner. They have been together for a while. Katie was with Steve when through cancer and recovery and he is happy in their relationship.
However, they have had a few fights lately due to the fact that he feels as though she should give up her business and allow him to take care of her. Katie feels otherwise. She does not want to sit around all day and be dependent on someone else. She wants to be able to continue in her dream.
Adam is a divorced father of Lily.He is just trying to make sure that he is a good father and that he can provide for his child.
Adam comes into Katie’s shop one day during a rain storm. He is close to hypothermia and she takes care of him. Throughout a period of time, he comes to her shop and orders cakes for his grandmother and his child. They are friendly to each other. There is an attraction there.  However,  Katie is with her partner and Adam is just focused on his child. He doesn’t want to be hurt again after his failed marriage.
I liked this book. I would give this book four stars.
Reviewed by: Nicole