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Review : Loose Lips by Amy Stephenson & Casey Childers


Loose Lips by Amy Stephenson and Casey A. Childers was definitely something I have never read before!  Fan fiction is definitely something different and honestly I am not entirely sure how I felt about it.  It was a bit hard for me to get into, and you definitely have to have an open mind!

These authors took greats like The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Pride & Prejudice, Frankenstein, Lion Witch & The Wardrobe, and many more and wrote about what could have happened after the story. 

They put a "slutty twist" on it and in my opinion I felt like I was reading porn!  Yes, a lot of it was hot but I definitely felt like it was a shipwreck. Illustrations are periodically throughout the book to emphasize some of the writing.  Stories of animals even grace the pages and they did give me a chuckle. It is enough to keep you reading just to see what they are writing! Like I said, definitely keep an open mind.

Like I said, if you like fan fiction and smutty writing, give this book a try!

 3.5 stars for me!

 Reviewed by : Jodi N