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Review : Machine by Normandie Alleman

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

I must say this is a sexy, fast paced story with some elements that are so out there it's hard to believe at times, but with that being said Normandie Alleman wrote such an engaging story that even though it may seem far fetched it works ! 

The story is about finding love and loving someone no matter what their flaws might be. 

Dynassy Barnes a model who has everything she could ever want. Spoiled, entitled and bratty you would never think this girl could have any real feelings for anything or anyone right ... WRONG. 

Bridger Thompson, an ex Seal who was injured in the line of duty. This causes him to come up with a genius invention. One that comes in handy ;) 

These two are so completely opposite one another .. they have nothing in common except explosive chemistry. Both however are damaged in their own ways. 

The unfolding story between Dynassy and Bridger is a treat to read. How they come together, how they start to heal each other and how they head towards their HEA. 

A quick, sexy read that will have you thinking, shaking your head and blushing.