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Review : Market Street Cinema by Michele Machado


Market Street Cinema by Michele Machado is a fast paced, short read that grips you from the beginning. This is a coming of age, new adult book. I would not classify this as erotica as there is no love interest. 

It is the gritty story of Lita, a college dropout whose parents issue an ultimatum, go back to college or move out. Lita knows college isn't for her, so she takes a minimum wage retail job at the mall and moves out. She finds herself on her own and struggling financially to pay the bills. A chance encounter leads her to make choices about her life. Lita meets Liberty, who introduces her to the Adult Entertainment Industry, aka stripping at the San Francisco Market Street Cinema. 

We see the bonds of Lita and Liberty's friendship. It is a beautiful story of a younger woman that is taken under the wing of an older woman. The life and struggle of so many women today.

I love the fact that Lita is a strong, determined woman that does not need a man to save her. I wish more books were like this. Love stories are nice, but so are stories of strong, independent women. 

This book pulled out a lot of emotions in me. I found myself crying at the end. Please take a chance and read this book. You won't be sorry. This is a story that will leave you with a book hangover. 

Reviewed by : Jennifer M.