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Review : Mr. President by Katy Evans

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Provocative, Stimulating and Intriguing, Mr. President will have you engrossed in the story of two people trying to find the balance of having it all surrounded by the cut throat world of politics. This addictive read will have you glued to your kindles. 

Katy Evans wrote a story with the perfect blend of humor, passion and drama. Her writing just flowed had me invested from the moment I began to read. Matt Hamilton is a man running for the highest position anyone in the country can achieve all the while trying to balance having a personal life with a member of his staff. A woman who at the tender age of 11 had pledged to be by his side should he ever run. 

Two people brought together in their mutual love of serving their country, found that love is not easy and even more difficult when it is a determinant in Washington. 

This smart read will take the reader alongside Matt and Charlotte as they reconnect as adults, go on the campaign trail together and brings to light the inner battle of one man faces as he tries to win the Presidency while fighting his forbidden attraction and the woman who tries to dim the fires of passion that burns so brightly between them. 

Will Charlotte sacrifice the love she feels for a man destined to be the Head of a Nation or will that choice be taken out of her hands. The inner struggle they faced along with all the intricacies of Washington was so fascinating to read and I can't express how much I loved this read and characters.

Matt Hamilton .. he has my vote and I am sure the vote of millions.

Will one man loose the his chance at the oval office or the love of his life? Read and find out !