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Review : Not A Hero by Sarah Robinson


I was already a fan of Sarah Robinson from reading the books in the ‘Kavanagh series’ so was really looking forward to reading this and was thrilled it met my expectations. ‘Not A Hero’ was all I hoped it would be and give it 5 stars.

After serving eight years as a marine Miles is returning home. As expected it is quite an adjustment for him to navigate his way back to those of a civilian and coming to terms with PTSD. Haunted by things that he has seen and done while in the military there is a glimmer of light in his darkness and that comes in the form of Zoe, his father’s live in nurse.

Knowing all too well how the past can haunt a person Zoe has her own secrets that weigh heavily on her but there is unexplainable pull towards Miles that might just be too hard to fight.

Both Miles and Zoe have had to navigate their way through some dark times and are both effected by that and feel somewhat unworthy and damaged but together they might just be able to get through it, one way or another. This is a lovely, sweet love story that deals with some very tough issues of PTSD and abuse. I think it was handle brilliantly and written in a way that was manageable and real. The chemistry between the two main characters is there in droves and although it was an insta love of sorts there was a foundation of friendship in the making so it seemed to progress at a more realistic rate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it again cements Sarah Robinson on my one click list.

Reviewed by Louise G.