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Review : Now That It's You by Tawna Fenske

*ARC Provided by the Author In Exchange for Honest Review*

‘Now That It’s You’ was my first ever book read by Tawna Fenske.   I really enjoyed this book and the characters that were in it.  Tawna did a great job with details, even the smallest things, and really made a great story plot to follow.  She makes you fall in love with her characters, even if they tend to make you a bit mad (I could have smacked Meg a few times).

Meg Delaney has regretted for the past two years how she left her ex-fiance standing at the alter.  Leaving him at the time was the right thing for her to do, but the way she did it, she still feels bad about, even though he brought it on himself.  When she decides she wants to try to make amends and visit him in the hospital after a surgery he was having, she doesn’t realize she will walk right into his brother Kyle, who was one of her best friends, and find out that Matt didn’t make it through the surgery.  The regret from not getting to make amends and the feelings from seeing Kyle, really put her mind into a tailspin and she feels like there is so much she can’t get past.

Kyle Middleton was one of Meg’s best friends during the ten years she dated his brother Matt.  He never expected to run into her at the hospital the day he was told the news of his brother.  Now he is wondering why she suddenly wanted forgiveness, but he is also wondering how he could get back into her life.  Harboring his own secrets regarding Matt and Meg’s break-up, she strives to try and become friends with her again, but he can’t stop the feelings that he has always had for her.

Meg just wants to do her catering job and one day become famous with her own cooking show.  It is all she has ever wanted and since Kyle kind of opened that door for her, she has taken off with the book she once published and it was a dud.  Little did she know all of the drama that would come with it from Kyle & Matt’s mom.

Sylvia Middleton is written to be the devil in this book, to me at least.  She’s out for settling her son Matt’s estate and when she finds out that Matt helped take pictures for a cookbook that Meg published, boy is she out for blood to get her sons name recognized.  She is one lady I did not care for, even if she did turn out ok overall. 

This story really caught my interest and I did not want to put it down.  It had some good feels and some really funny moments.  Kyle and Meg were great and I loved the journey they took.  The only thing that irked me a bit was that Meg could never make up her mind on how she felt.  Everything she did, she thought of Matt and that made me want to smack her around a bit.  But to me sometimes you need to feel that with a character to love them more!

4 solid stars!

Jodi N.