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Review : The One Real Thing by Samantha Young


I have always loved Samantha Young’s books and I was pretty excited to get to read ‘The One Real Thing’ when it was given to me.  Samantha has always had a way of making you fall in love with her characters with the depth she gives to them within her books.  She is always very descriptive and puts a lot of heart and soul into her books.  She did just that with this one.

Jessica Huntington is a doctor at a Women’s Prison Facility.  She loves what she does, at least she says she does, and is basically married to her job.  No time for attachments to anyone, she has a “friend” on the side and her lift is complete.  In her mind her life is complete, until she stumbles across some old letters written by an inmate from the 1970’s that were never delivered to the man behind the letters.  Upon reading these letters, Jessica feels that she needs to let the recipient of the letters know the love of his life was wanting forgiveness with what she did, so she send herself on a 3 week vacation to Hartwell, Delaware.  Small town with charm, Jessica doesn’t realize how sucked into a different world she could get.

Cooper Lawson is living day to day with the bar he runs in Hartwell, Delaware.  Running and the bar and working hard to avoid his ex-wife who is chasing him around is his everyday life lately and he feels like he wants more.  He has a great business which is surrounded by great patrons as well as other store owners on the Boardwalk.  His little town is his home and he wouldn’t change a thing, except for Dr. Jessica Huntington when she walks right into his bar, or should I saw walks right into him.  On a chance meeting out on the boardwalk in the rain, Cooper finds himself drawn to this woman who is just visiting the area for a few weeks.  He would really love to get to know her because he feels an instant attraction with her.

Cooper and Jessica were great main characters within this story.  I loved how Jessica was so passionate about making sure George received his letters from Sarah (the old inmate).  She was very worried that George has gone through life wondering what happened to Sarah and that he would never know the truth.  With her coming to Hartwell, Jessica also learns a lesson, her life isn’t as full as she thought.  With not many friends back in Wilmington, a job that just goes day to day, and a “friend” to keep her needs satisfied, she realizes she is missing a lot once she meets the townspeople of Hartwell.

Even though Jessica and Cooper are the main characters, I cannot help but love Bailey the most.  She was such a fun and outgoing character.  Her witty comments and the way she just doesn’t care what people think are what made me like her.  Jessica was great, but she was also a woman who couldn’t make up her mind!  It makes it interesting for reading, but after a while you feel as though you want to just smack those types of characters around because they just don’t see what is right in front of them.  Cooper being as sexy as he is was a great take charge type of character, but he was a bit wishy washy too with his decisions.  He finally wised up a bit after they have their big fight and realizes what he wants and works hard to take it.  I loved that about him!

All of the characters within this story were great, loveable characters.  You find yourself falling for each one, even though most of them you get interaction with sparingly.  I really hope Samantha gives most of them their own story!  I see the next one in line is Bailey and I absolutely cannot wait for hers.

Solid 4 stars from me because I cannot help but fall in love on the boardwalk!

Reviewed by Jodi N.