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Review : Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

** ARC provided by the Author for an Honest Review ** 

Utterly gripping and captivating, Punk 57 will leave you with a book hangover like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

Penelope Douglas has truly out done herself with a novel that will have you thinking, blushing, second guessing and falling in love with every word. 

This was a story that had me questioning myself own self way back when .. with thoughts like "Was I .. " " Did I ... ". It showed me how beautifully broken we as young adults can all be. With the mask we put on to face the day, do we forget our true inner selves?. Do we let our own insecurities and the yearning for acceptance over power our sense of right and wrong? 

The story of Misha and Ryen was so much more than a love story. It had a lesson to be learned with every turn of the page. Every word was powerful in itself but when merged all together it was explosive. 

Two childhood friends who started off as pen pals, never knew who the other was but had a bond stronger than blood. These two children grew up relying on the other to keep them sane, grounded and feeling like they belonged to something greater .. to each other .. they were one. 

All good things must come to end and when Misha stumbles upon Ryen's Facebook account he finally sees the real life version of the little girl who had grown to be part of his soul. 

Fate throws them together and with only one of them knowing who the other is what happens to this pair who relying so strongly on one another? When secrets are revealed will the bond formed at such an early stage in their lives be enough to salvage the destruction?

Just when I thought I knew what was happening or where this story was heading, Penelope always managed to throw me for a loop. The twists and turns, nail biting circumstances always kept me glued to my Kindle and at the edge of my seat. The sexy time scenes in this novel will have you completely melting and oh yes .. panting. I swear you are either going to a drink or cigarette maybe even both after ;) 

Ryen is a difficult heroine to love at first but when you start delving more into the story and all starts being revealed you come to love her and feel for her. She along with Misha and another special secondary character I won't name stole my heart. 

Congratulations Penelope Douglas on writing one heck of a thought provoking, emotional tale.