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Review : Rein In by Anne Jolin


Rein In is Book Three in the Willow Bay Stables Series and focuses on the youngest sibling, Aurora Daniels. It's a story about love, redemption and second chances. It will melt your heart, touch your soul and leave you with a book hangover. A fast paced quick read, Rein In has some amazing lessons peppered within the pages. 

Aurora is a kind, sweet, beautiful woman who works at an Equine rehabilitation center for troubled youth, there she meets Rhys, a man that needs her more than anyone she has ever met before. This sexy, withdrawn man is out on parole for good behavior. He might be out of jail but is seeking justice. 

As Aurora and Rhys become closer, she comes to realize that he needs her tender, caring heart to achieve the second chance at life and love he so internally craves. Will she be able to save the man who has come to mean so much to her or will Rhys quest for justice be too much for one woman to Rein In? 

Read and find out what happens to this couple who will come to own your heart.