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Review : The Revolution by S.L. Scott

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

I love a good Rock star read, and The Revolution by SL Scott was fantastic account of a Rock star with a past he’d rather forget and a girl with baggage she doesn’t know how to deal with.

This is the fourth in the series and although I haven’t read the previous books I didn’t feel as though I missed out on anything. 

This book oozes sex appeal and a chemistry between the two lead characters that is off the charts. Kaz Fabian is a guitarist from a famous rock band who falls for Lara Kessler, a girl who rocks up backstage at one of his concerts.

The problem with these two is they both live in misery. Kaz for a life he’d rather forget about and Lara for a life she wants to escape but doesn’t know how. All they need to do is work out how to get over the hurdles thrown in front of them and maybe they can have the happy ever after together, that they are both longing for. 

I jumped on that roller coaster along with these two characters until the very end. I became drawn into their lives, their stories like I was living it with them. It’s a well-defined story line which will keep you addicted until the end. 

This is a four star read for me.  

Reviewed by Stacey J