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Review : See Through Heart by Amie Knight


Powerful, Gripping and Emotional, this utterly additive story will captive you from the moment you begin to read. 

Amie Knight did a phenomenal job in bringing to life these amazing characters and unforgettable story line. I was immersed into the story from the second I began to read and knew early now it was going to shatter me, I only prayed this talented author would restore the pieces of my broken heart at the end .. she DID ! 

So many elements go hand in hand in See Through Heart, where to start and where to end is nearly impossible for me. Friendship, betrayal, love, loss, heartbreak and second chances, it has something for everyone and you will be on a constant loop between crying, laughing and swooning. 

As heavy as it got, Amie Knight made sure to follow it up with something uplifting. A lesson on every page. 

Ainsley, I fell in love with this strong, kind hearted, sweet girl. She fell in love with the boy next door at the tender age of 8 years old, and through the years Ainsley and Adrian formed a bond so strong, that it withstood the test of time, trails and tribulations. Things were never easy for them, and it got harder the older they became, but love is resistant, patient and as cruel as it is .. kind as well. Watching them grow as individuals and as a couple was .. perfection. 

I don't want to give away anything from the plot and feel like if I start getting into everything that is going in head my I will .. so I will say only this... 

The characters in this story .. every single one .. will come to mean something to you, they all have a purpose and are core to the magical tale. Each one was developed so lovingly and thoroughly that you could feel their voice, their pain, their joys in your souls. If you are a lover of Romance and a believer in second chances .. then See through Heart is a ONE CLICK MUST.