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Review : She's My Kind Of Girl by Jennifer Dawson

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

She’s My Kind of girl is book 4.5 of the Something New Series by Jennifer Dawson  .
Darcy Miller is from a small town  ,  Revival  ,  Illinois  .  She left here ten years ago because she was tired of small town life and wanted to get away to something bigger and better  .  She is currently a writer and she has her own blog  .

Griffin Strong is the new mayor of Revival  , Illinois  .  He has worked very hard to move away from his bad boy reputation from his younger days and wants to be seen as a respectable member of society  .

Darcy and Griffin were an item when they were younger and when Darcy was ready to finally leave Revival  ,  she ask Griffin to go with her  .  He declined due to family commitments  .  She left and never looked back  . However  ,  her mother needs her to return now  .  The city wants to buy her family house and she has declined to move forward because she doesn’t want to leave the only home that she has ever known  .

Darcy returns to Revival  ,  to help out her mother  . She and Griffin cross paths again and it is like she never left  ,  like their relationship never ended  .  The attraction is still there  ,  but Darcy doesn’t want to move forward with their relationship because she has a life outside of her hometown  .

Will the two be able to find a common balance in their lives in order to be together  ?  Or will Darcy move forward with her life as she has made it  ?  Will her mother’s house be seized from her  ?
I really liked this book  .  It was a great read .  I would give this book four stars  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.