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Review : So Good By Darcy Burke

*ARC provided by the author in Exchange for an Honest Review*

So Good by Darcy Burke is the first in a spin off series from her Ribbon Ridge books.  This is the first book I have ever read from this author and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.  Darcy did an amazing job with the characters and the plot of the story was really good!  She kept me entertained and at times I felt I had stars in my eyes over Cameron Wescott because he was such the gentleman, even though he is betrayed as the player type.

Brooke Ellis works as a local wine distributor around the area of Ribbon Ridge, and surrounding cities.  She just moved to Ribbon Ridge to live on her own after living with one of her best friends for a while.  She divorced several years ago when she found out her husband was cheating and now her family and friends want her to get back into the dating scene.  She has many hang ups, and a secret that she keeps which makes her believe that any man she meets will not want to stay with her due to her secret.  Never did she imagine she would catch the eye of anyone like Cameron Wescott, but she knows he is considered a player and he is not someone she wants to date since she had had her heart broken once.

Cameron Wescott owns the local winery in Ribbon Ridge, along with his brothers.  He is a sophisticated man who likes women, but ever since he got into the winery business, he has kind of become all about work and no play, regardless of what everyone else thinks.  The night that he attends the Salmon Bake in a neighboring town in Oregon, he collides with Brooke Ellis when trying to get a seat in the crowded event.  Brooke immediately catches his attention with her sassy attitude and by the way she brushes him off.  He is Cameron Wescott by the way so why doesn’t Brooke seem interested?  This makes him want to pursue her more and little does he know, he is in for a small ride with the sassy girl.

Brooke and Cameron were great characters.  They both have enough sass that is makes you laugh a little when Cameron tries to persue Brooke.  He is always striking out and his three strike rule really goes out the window when he finds he can’t stop thinking about her.  Brooke seems to want Cameron, but with their work deal with the winery, she is not sure she wants to date a fellow co-worker.  It could end in disaster, and if he ever found out her secret she keeps, he would break her heart to pieces.  These two finally give in and take a chance with Brooke’s secret in the background.  I feel for Brooke because it is heartbreaking but I didn’t think it should be a relationship deal breaker.

I enjoyed this book and am adding the rest of the series to my TBR!

4 solid stars!!!

Reviewed By : Jodi N.