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Review: So Twisted by Melissa Marino


So Twisted by Melissa Marino was the first book I had read by this author and I enjoyed it.

  Her writing style was smooth and kept my attention.  The backgrounds on each of the characters wasn't real in depth but enough was given for you to understand.

Callie is a struggling student working long hours at a nightclub.  

Aaron is a single dad trying to find a nanny for his 4 yr old daughter.  

Both of them are uptight and don't have much of a social life because of their busy schedules.

When Callie moves into Aarons home to be Delilah's nanny things go from comfortable to hot in no time.  They are both fighting the attraction, trying to keep it professional but they are both struggling.  With a meddling brother, a nosy best friend and precious 4 yr old all pushing them, they finally try to be a couple. When things finally start to balance out for them, things are done and said and old insecurities come out and it causes them to cause each other pain.  When they both comes to terms with each other, they begin a relationship again, going alot slower.  Older, wiser, and more thoughtful of each other they begin to see this second chance they were given will actually work out into the future they both want.

This was a 4 star read for me. 

Reviewed by : Jennifer A.