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Review : Sparking the Fire by Kate Meader

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Sparking the Fire is the third book in Kate Meader’s Hot in Chicago firefighter series and a first for me. I probably should have read the previous books as I think the background on everyone would have made this much better for me. In saying that, I absolutely devoured this book. It was a scorching hot read that I loved.

In this story, we meet the oldest of the Dempsey children Wyatt Fox. Wyatt is the quiet one who was adopted (like all his siblings) by Sean and Mary Dempsey. Years before, him and our female lead – Molly Cade get involved in a week-long affair. It’s an affair with a twist – there is lots of role playing.

After Molly is embroiled in a scandal created by her ex-husband, she takes on the role of a female firefighter where her mentor is none other than Wyatt. The role is loosely based on his sister Alex (thus my comment for reading the prior installments.)

Although Wyatt’s character is the strong silent type, he is very protective of his family. He is willing to put his own happiness aside to make sure everyone around him is safe. You get to read the background info on his childhood and his previous romp with Molly, which sucks you into the book even more. 

There is a lot of baggage between these two characters but I loved how Kate details everything about them so beautifully. Their characters grew steadily throughout the story keeping it light, with lots of hot steamy moments. The chemistry and sexual attraction between these two certainly didn’t die off over the years and I did enjoy the way Kate forced her characters out of their comfort zones.

When we are pushed out of those zones, we are forced to deal with things as they happen, giving us a completely different outlook on life. The way Kate wrote about these characters drew you into their lives in a way that made you feel they were real, and you were living this with them. 
This is a four-star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J