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Review : Sugar Free by Sawyer Bennett

***ARC Provided by Author in exchange for honest review.***

Sugar Free is the conclusion to the Sugar Bowl Trilogy. One I have been waiting for. And Sawyer Bennett didn't disappoint. I was saddened to see it come to an end. But I am happy how Sawyer wrote the ending. I'm glad I got one last time to read about Sel and Beck. To see how their story ends.

The Sugar Bowl Trilogy is a must for this year. Sugar Free is the aftermath of what happens in Sugar Rush. It was packed with emotion. Sawyer had me gripping the edges of the pages. She was able to keep me on my toes with the storyline.

The way the characters held on, how they loved one another. It's one for the ages. The story in these books was one I haven't seen being introduced to. And Sawyer Bennett is amazing a truly remarkable author. Overall for me this is a must read. The whole series is.

It's full of mystery, heartbreak, and a love to stand for all time.

Five star all the way for me.

Reviewed by Lindsey W.