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Review : Surviving Regret by Megan Smith


Megan Smith wrote such an emotionally powerful story that it touched my heart and soul. 

Beautifully written, this story of love, loss, regret, and redemption will leave you with a monster of a book hangover. 

A tale of a group of friends and how their lives are shattered beyond repair by a tragic accident. You will go along the heartbreaking journey along side them all the while crying, laughing, blushing and rejoicing.

Regret is one of the worst emotions a person can have. It will eat away at your soul and if you do not have a support system surrounding you, it will take you under. This is the reality for Landon, and his own hope of finding the light and not drowning is Macy. 

High School sweethearts - Landon and Macy have the world in the palm of their hands and a bright future ahead. They are looking forward to attending College together with their best friends. The group will be together again for another 4 years and they couldn't be happier. 

One night, one decision changes the course of all their lives forever. They still do attend college but not how they imagined. 

The story focuses mostly on Landon and all he goes through in dealing with a horrific aftermath. The ups and downs, trials and tribulations he faces will gut you and leave you bawling, however the quiet strength of Macy will give you hope like it did for Landon. 

This is an emotional read and it will have you feeling all kinds of emotions. It was a hauntingly beautiful story and I was glued to my Kindle turning the pages to see what would become of Landon, Macy and the rest of the gang. 

A one click must !