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Review : Sweet Girl by Sierra Hill

***ARC Provided by Author in exchange for an Honest Review***

Upon receiving this book, I instantly bought book 1 in the series so I can familiarize myself with the characters.  Sweet Girl by Sierra Hill is book 2 in this series and I loved it!  After reading book 1, I knew I was going to go into this book already loving the characters, and the storyline!

In Sweet Girl, we learn more about Kylah Griffin, Cade Griffins younger sister who is also a twin.  Kylah is the shy, nerdy one of the twins and is extremely shy when it comes to boys.  Granted, she hangs around at her brothers apartment when she is home from college on breaks, but she still gets the flushed, embarrassed face when any boys talk to her.  The one boy she can manage to be herself around is Van and he is off limits since he has a girlfriend.

Van is a senior at ASU and a fellow basketball player with Cade.  He is tall and super sexy and has caught the eye of a very shy girl.  He has had a serious girlfriend for the past 5 years, but he feels something is off in his relationship.  Kylah is the one girl he clicks with and she understands him, but he is faithful to his girlfriend, even if he has sexy thoughts about Kylah!  When things take a change for Van and his relationship, Kylah is the one girl who can help him see what he is been missing.

Kylah and Van were my favorite characters from this series so far!  They are both super sweet and caring, it makes you wanna tell the author to put something bad about them in the book.  Van is so loyal to anyone, it makes him such a flawless person!  The sexiness between these two characters was amazing, and Sierra can definitely give you a love scene that would make the sheets melt off your bed!

4.5 solid stars on this book for me!  I’m super glad I bought book 1, Sweetness, because I cannot wait to hear more from these characters!!!

'Because we’re not lovers. We’re friends. And that’s how it should stay .

Instead, my body confesses it doesn’t want to remain friends. It wants something more. And the breath of air she sucks in when I pull back says that she wants more, too.'

Reviewed by Jodi N