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Review : Tempt Me by Roxy SLoane


‘Tempt Me’ by Roxy Sloane is one sexy read. Book one in this new series will lull you in and have you desperate for the next one as you are dying to know what happens. This is a 4.5 star read for me.

Once the story gets going it is non stop and who can resist an alpha with a filthy mouth, certainly not me. Jase Banner is a private investigator with one hell of a dirty mouth that certainly gets you going as much as it does for Chloe Archer. He is definitely not one to shy away from female attention and is a bit of a manwhore that loves to play the field. Jase first spots Chloe as he is hired to look into Chloe for a mysterious person but in no way did he expect to fall for her but she has definitely caught his attention and for more than just a job.

Chloe is a ballerina that is quite innocent and sweet. Although she is with someone the dirty talking British P.I. has her questioning if she is actually with the right person. Already getting some niggling doubts about her beau, Jase’s really has her thinking about what she wants.

This book is sexy, fast paced, mysterious and all out amazing Of course as I said this is the first in the series so there is no conclusion and you get a cliffhanger at the end but fear not as you don’t have to wait on the next one. This is a must read for me and I am thrilled that Roxy is back with another great series.

Reviewed by Louise G.