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Review : Uncontrollable by Shannon Richard

*ARC in Exchange for Honest Review*

‘Uncontrollable’ by Shannon Richard… why have I never heard of this series before?  This book was amazing and I absolutely loved it.  Shannon brings you into the small town world of Maribelle, FL and you never want to leave!  I am only guessing there are quite a few more books before this one with all of the other characters that we met in Tripp and Beth’s story.  I think I might have to back track and read them, even though I already know how they end up.  Just to get some of the background sounds amazing.

Beth Boone has had one tough year.  She had to leave her cozy home to move to Maribelle, FL to take care of her sister’s three kids after her and her husband and killed in a car accident.  With this, comes a break-up with her boyfriend because he isn’t ready for the family life and now she has three kids to care for, and a neighbor she can’t stand.  She wants to just be a great mom for this kids since they lost theirs, but it’s hard to do when you’re feeling stressed out from attitude, and of course your delicious neighbor that keeps letting his dog over into your yard to destroy everything!

Tripp Black is the town fire chief and is always on the go, never getting any rest.  All he wants lately is some sleep that is longer than 3 hours a night and he just can’t seem to get that.  One reason why, his spitfire neighbor who is banging on his door after a long night of firefighting to return his dog, Duke, because he dug up her flower garden.  With all of the tension, they get into a verbal argument and Tripp says something that really sets Beth off.  Does this lead to an all out neighbor war, or does it lead to the sexiest couple you have ever seen?

I fell for Beth.  Taking on three kids after your family dies is a big task, but she is up for it and won’t have it any other way. To hell with the sexy, strong, brown haired neighbor that she can’t seem to stop looking at.  He knows nothing about kids and what she has to go through.  Maribelle, FL though is a small town where everyone knows who you are and your business, so when she finds out what Tripp is really like and why things are happening, she starts to feel bad.  She is a very emotional person and really takes everything to heard, and other people’s feelings into consideration.

Tripp… hmmm what to say about him.  I think I just found my new book boyfriend.  He comes off as a jerk in the beginning but that man is hot enough to melt butter on.  Plus a firefighter… I would burn down something just to see him in action!  He has always had an attraction to Beth and when he wants something, he is going for it.  To hell with his friends and all of their little jabs at him about Beth, she is his and he is taking what is his… cookies, pies, and all.  You have to read to know what I am referring to!  

I really don’t want to give too much away because to me, this is a must read book.  It has love, hurt, and oh yeah that steamy, hot sexy stuff!

5 Stars from ME!!

Reviewed by : Jodi N.