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Review : Weeds or Wishes by Morgan Reeves

Weeds or Wishes (Never Ever After Book 2)

***ARC Provided By Author In Exchange for Honest Review***

Weeds or Wishes by Morgan Reeves is book 2 in a series.  It is a standalone, but if you have read book 1, it helps with a little bit of background of the friends and some of the story.  This is my first book by Morgan and I would have to say, I really enjoyed her writing.

Samantha Townsend is moving back home to Iowa to help take care of her dad who just underwent hip surgery.  She was an ER nurse at a hospital in Denver, but now she will work with oncology at the local hospital as well as help care for her dad.  She hasn't been home in over 12 years or since she left town after her best friend, Connor Moore ripped her heart out for no reason.

Connor Moore was Sammis best friend growing up, and now he still lives in his hometown but says he is a loner.  He works from home and never goes out.  One day while in the grocery store he runs into Samantha, his old best friend and the girl he has always been in love with.  He hurt her greatly in the past when she confessed her feelings, but he had to for personal reasons, and now he wishes he could have her back.

Morgan put a ton of feelings into this story.  I laughed, cried, and got angry.  Cried would be a big emotion though because of reasons you will have to read to find out!  I cant give away all of the secrets here.  Sammi and Connor had such a close and amazing friendship growing up and were perfect for each other, and then it was ruined.  Many of the things found put in the story explain so much, but many of them also leave you wanting to smack someone around.

It is hard to write this review without giving anything away!  I believe anyone who loves a happy ending, but a little bit of emotional torture should definitely read this story.  It is a touching one, as well as Morgan writes a good message within!

4 solid stars!!!

Reviewed by Jodi N.