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Review : Worth the Risk by Jamie Beck

**ARC provided by author for an honest review**

Worth the Risk by Jamie Beck is a great but complicated story of two people who are both internally scarred but who manage to live everyday facing risks head on.

Jackson St. James is a recovering dependent. Not on drugs, but alcohol. Life has dealt him blow after blow as tragedy strikes his family and betrayal cuts him apart. Forced with the choice of facing the pain or numbing it, Jack Daniel's took the front seat.

Gabby Bouchard is a young, single mother who lives her life with rose colored lenses. Though heartache and disappointment litters her past, she does not let it control her every movement and choice. She takes life by its horns and embraces it day by day with the help of her yoing son and her father.

When their two worlds collide, in the middle of a storm on the side of a small road in Vermont, nothing could prepare them for what was to come.

Jamie Beck has written such an intricate but absolutely realistic story about two people who face attraction, lust, friendship, love and fear and how every single emotion affects the other. 

Emotionally, Jackson and Gabby's story is heart wrenching. It will make you ache as you discover every facet of each of the characters as they face temptation, insecurities and their fears. It will make you hurt as they delve deeper into the issues they try their hardest to cover up, but it will also make your heart soar as you feel hope for these two people who almost gave up on love even as they faced the greatest of heartaches.

This is not only a story of two people who fall in love but so much more. It will make you delve deeper into the complications of families as well as the pain dependence and addiction can cause. 

Though I've never faced issues with addiction, this story is written in a way that I felt like a witness to it firsthand.

"Concealing pain, however, didn't mean insults no longer hurt or that slights merely skimmed the surface. No. Those things buried themselves deep inside, like a bullet in a bone. Even if plucked out, there would always be a scar."

When they finally get to be exposed to every fear they feel, will love be enough for these two? Will Jackson give in to temptation when things get tough? Will Gabby give in and allow her past to start dictating her future? Can these two broken people embrace happiness or will it be too much for them?

 An emotional read that will leave you reeling at times and hopeful at others.

4 stars

Reviewed by Karen F. for B&B Book Blog