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Review : Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke


You will be swept away by this emotional story of love, self discovery and redemption. 

With each paragraph you read, the words will seep into your soul. Adriana Locke wrote such a phenomenal novel with real relatable characters who are perfect as they are flawed and a heartbreakingly beautiful plot. Love is not always easy, nor is it perfect. It will wear you down, tear you apart and restore your soul. How you navigate through the mine field of this devastingly beautiful emotion is what will ultimately define you. That is what this couple must come to realize and experience. 

Ty & Elin were High School sweethearts and this is their emotional story of love. Married, Ty and Elin face challenges in their marriage. Challenges that might either destroy them or make them stronger.

When everything crumples around them and their marriage in shreds, this couple must figure out how to survive. Will they succumb and give up or fight? Will love truly be enough to restore something that has been broken? 

Friends, family .. they show us how important a support system really is. This is a story that you as the must read for yourself to savor, to let the meaning behind the words seep into your soul. You will end up reflecting on your own lives and in turn learn valuable lessons. 

There aren't enough words for me to be able give this poignant novel any justice. All I can say it is a absolute must read. One that will probably forever stay with you.