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Review : Zero F*cks by LK Collins


LK Collins has fast become one of my favourite authors and I love the no nonsense characters with brilliant banter and wit that pulls you in to their world right from the start. ‘Zero F*cks' is yet another 5 star example of her writing skills.

I love second chance romances so this book was right up my street. Cameron and Nixon were one time best friends and sweet hearts. Friends originally as part of a trio that included Cameron’s brother and Nixon’s best friend, these two just couldn't deny what they felt for each other. So as things progressed they made plans and had a future in their sights but things took a dramatic and swift change of course when Nixon left to join the Navy. Waiting until the last before telling Cameron he had joined up and then breaking her heart by choosing to break up with her, supposedly to give her a future, Nixon hasn't see Cameron in five years.

Cameron loved her brother and Nixon, they were her best friends, her everything so she is devastated when they both go off to join the Navy without a thought for her. She has forced herself to move on and has got a life that she loves, a job that she loves with the Coast Guard and even the prospect of a great guy to spend time with but that is all tarnished when Nixon comes walking into her workplace as her new colleague.

The sexual tension and banter between them comes alive from the page. Regardless that it has been five years since they were together time seems to have no real meaning when they have feelings as strong as their’s. There is however the slight issue that they are no longer the same people as they were five years ago as the consequences of Nixon’s decision have had a lasting effect.

At times I wanted to give Nixon a good slap for being such an arrogant a**hole who didn't give a f*ck for anything or anyone but himself but you find out later that that wasn't strictly true and he does care. Cameron was a great character that had felt deserted and alone, feeling that she could only rely on herself after being broken when those she loved left her to live their lives not caring for her but regardless had managed to be a strong independent women in the aftermath. Cameron and Nixon have a lot of feelings to confront and get over but what a brilliant read it is as they try to navigate their way in the world.

This is yet another well written and engaging read by LK Collins that will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Reviewed by Louise G.