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#GTTOA : Give Thanks To Our Authors Event

Starting November 1st we will kick off our #GTTOA : Give Thanks To Our Authors Event. The whole month we will feature one of the Authors listed below  on our page with a chance for you all leave your comments for them at the end of the day <3 Maybe they might pop in , leave you a video who knows ;)

Make sure to turn on your notifications to our page so you don't miss a thing <3
November 1 Jay Mclean - Author 
November 2 Anne Jolin
November 3 Ashleigh Zavarelli
November 4 Author LK Collins
November 6 K.I. Lynn
November 7 Leddy Harper
November 8 Meghan March
November 9 Erin Watt
November 10 Katy Regnery
November 11 KL Kreig
November 13 Melanie Codina Author 
November 14 J. Daniels
November 15 Monica Murphy 
November 16 Willa Thorne Author 
November 17 Molly McLain - Author 
November 18 Author Anie Michaels
November 19 Author M. Mabie
November 20 L.P. Dover
November 21 Rhonda James, Author
November 23 Tijan's Books
November 24 K. Bromberg
November 25 S.L. Scott
November 26 T Gephart
November 27 Kitty Berry
November 28 Nikki Strycharz
November 29 Golden Czermak
November 30 Jane Anthony Author