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Review : Addicted to You by Renita Pizzitola

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Renita Pizzitola is a new author to me and when I was given her novel Addicted to You, I was keen to read it. Especially after reading the synopsis.

This cute, sweet story revolves around Isla Diaz and Colby Callahan. Both of these two characters love each other, but for different reasons have never pursued anything more than friendship. Isla feels as though she isn’t seen the way she wants to be, and Colby is keeping distant because him and his brother love the same girl.

An intriguing storyline, don’t you agree?

There’s a comfortableness about the surroundings and characters that makes you feel as though you are living this story with them. Even the secondary characters have lovable quirks about them that bring a smile to your face.

There’s a lot of push and pull within this storyline, and the path to forever for Isla and Colby isn’t as straightforward as they would like it to be. There are outside influences that affect the decisions they make.

I really enjoyed this book and the characters in it, and will be an avid follower of Renita’s from now on.

This is a four star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J