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Review : All In By Emma Scott

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

 All In is the second novel in the Full Tilt series by Emma Scott.

Kacey Dawson is reeling from the loss of her first love Jonah Fletcher. She is having a very difficult time with handling life after his death and so she runs away. She runs away to New Orleans where she loses herself in alcohol. She has written a series of songs about her time with Jonah and she sings Wednesday through Saturday at four different clubs. She is known as the Drowning Lady.

Theo Fletcher has been trying to move on with his life. He has gone back to school to obtain his Masters in Business Management. He wants to reach his goal of being able to open his own tattoo business. He helps his mom as much as is needed because his father can’t do so at the moment. They are all dealing with the loss of Jonah in the best way that they can. Theo visits Jonah’s installation as much as possible, because it makes him feel closer to his brother.

One night, Theo gets a call from one of the owners of the bars that Kacey sings in. She is drowning and needs some help before it is too late. Kacey and Theo both made promises to Jonah before he passed. She promised that she would get over him eventually and open herself up to the possibility of love one day. He promised that he would take care of Kacey and would love her as best he could in the future.

Theo goes to Kacey and he helps her to overcome her addiction to alcohol. They begin to get closer  and to continue with overcoming their grief . They have many other things to overcome before they can find the happiness that she deserves.

I would give this book five stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W