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Review : Beautiful by Christina Lauren

** PRINT ARC sent by the author for an honest review ** 

Beautiful (Beautiful Bastard #5)  by Christina Lauren is, well, beautiful. This series has one of the best casts in a series, like ever! I'm sad to see this series come to an end. In order to really know who the characters are and their relationships, you really need to read the series in order. 

Jensen and free spirit Pippa meet on a plane.  Jensen is a workaholic and Pippa is looking to make a fresh start in life. Pippa is friends with Jensen's sisters friends. They end up on a road trip together and end up having a fling. 

These are two lovable people. Heck, the whole cast is lovable. This had a great ending. I loved the epilogues from the other characters. This is a wonderful series that anyone should read. I'm giving this a Beautiful 5 Stars. 

Reviewed by : Jennifer M.