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Review : Come To Light by Shaniel Watson



Okay I’ll admit I was a little backwards in reading this series but after reading book one I had to jump straight into book tow to find out what happens. Shaniel Watson’s book ‘Come To Light’ was another riveting read that gets four stars.

Before you read this book you need to have read the first one to know who and what you are reading about. After finally getting together Cat and Nick need to deal with the consequences of their actions. With what seems like everyone against them and events that make it impossible for them to be together Cat and Nick need to find ways to deal with things.

Cat and Nick are really put through some difficult times and Cat again decides that its best she leave him be but it turns out she needs him too. Nick decides to fight for Cat as there is no way he can let her slip away again regardless of what everyone else says or does. Cat however needs a bit of convincing even though inside she is pining for him.

This is an emotional and dramatic read. Nick comes across as the arrogant player but with charm that disarms you and gets you falling for him too. Cat is really quite sweet and didn’t deserve what she was put through. You really bond with these characters and I am thrilled that I made myself give the first book a chance or I would have missed out on this and that great reads. I was really happy with the ending especially with being put through so many emotions.

Reviewed by Louise G.