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Review : Coming Clean by C.L. Parker

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Coming Clean is the third book in the Monkey Business Trio by CL Parker.

Cassidy Whalen was a hard core sports agent, until she found out that she was pregnant. Now, three years later, her son is three and she loves him very much, but she is dissatisfied with her current relationship with Shaw. The spark in their relationship has fizzled and she is willing to do anything to get it back.

Shaw Matthews is currently a partner and a sports agent in his current company. He was able to get the job after Cassidy turned it down, due to her pregnancy. Shaw is currently living life as it comes to him. He is happy with how his life is. He is the bread winner for the family and even though he hasn’t been able to spend time with his family, he is taking care of them, by working hard at what he does.

Cassidy is frustrated with the way that things are and she wants things to change or else she is leaving Shaw. She has tried everything and nothing has come of it. She gives him an ultimatum, they either go to therapy or she will leave him and take their son. Shaw has to come to the conclusion that things aren’t quite as honky dory as he believed that they were. He agrees to go to therapy, although he is very apprehensive and doesn’t want to share his business with a stranger. 

He will do anything in order to make that Cassidy and Abe stay with him.

The therapist recommends that they see a sex therapist in order to be able to rekindle the passion that they once shared. It couldn’t have been a better suggestion. Things begin to work out for them together. But will they be able to continue to work to be together? Or will they no longer be able to be together?

I would give this book four stars.

Reviewed by: Nikki W.