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Review : Controlled Burn by Amy Briggs

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **

Sweet, light hearted romance that I read in a matter of hours! Controlled Burn by Amy Briggs is a heartwarming love story that sucks you in and fall in love instantly. Seth “Jax” Jackson is troubled, PTSD and the burden of being a Fireman; but with the help of his therapist he pushes through with his emotions and hardships. One of the top realtors in a small city in Florida, Vivian Deveraux struggles with the guilt of the passing of her brother’s suicide. When a great sale comes to light, she meets a man that she can let go of her inner struggles and pour her love out for. Jax takes it slow with his interest in Vivian. She is different than the other women he has dated. She makes him want to get better with his struggles.

“We’ve all been in the darkness, Jax, it’s what you do to stay out of it that matters most,” - Vivian  

Even though Jax struggles and emotions run high when Vivian shares a secret, Jax is the ever loving, caring, attentive gentleman that women dream about. 

“Vivian Deveraux, you’re special in ways I cannot describe, and in such a short period of time, you bring me light.” - Jax 

Can Jax’s struggles eventually give way or will they consume him? 

Amy Briggs has a way with melting your heart. The love you feel between the two is so breathtaking that you literally just smile and your heart lifts with such happiness. The flow of reading was so smooth it’s almost like you glided on ice to the next chapter. 

4 Melting Stars

Reviewed by Allyson S.