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Review : Crazy Pucking Love by Cindi Madsen

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review * *

Crazy Pucking Love by Cindi Madsen was a 4 star read for me that had me laughing, needing Kleenex and wanting to knock some sense into a certain person.  

Dane is a hockey player trying to make something of his life and overcome his past and the people who were in it.  He is still trying to fix everyone else's life putting himself second.  When he meets Megan at a party, sparks fly and he enjoys spending time with her and loves her spark and openness.  When Dane finds out she is a sister of a fellow hockey player, he steps back from her causing her to become upset.  When Megan confronts him, they decide neither wants to be apart from one another. 

 They both enjoy the chemistry between them too much to push it aside.  So they hide it from everyone.  But when past haunts come back to Dane and big brothers find out, the relationship comes to a stand still.   It isn't until Megan's big brother and a very close friend of Dane's interfere that Dane realizes what he is missing and goes after the one girl that makes him happy all around.  

This was a quick afternoon read for me.  It held my attention and the supporting characters added a lot to the story as well.  I truly enjoyed reading this book and am hoping she writes another sports romance soon.  

Reviewed by : Jennifer A