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Review : Dealing in Deception by Samantha Joyce

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Dealing in Deception by Samantha Joyce was a 4 star read for me.  It had tons of times that I laughed, even times that I wanted to slap a woman but it was a cute story about two people trying to find themselves and realizing the other person is helping them do that.

Veronica was an actress for hire that really never dealt with past hurts and has been hiding as other people ever since.  When she meets Baxter a new possible client, she is a total witch to him and pretty much just puts him down from the beginning since he doesn't have alot of money.  Baxter is trying one last hope to launch a new business but when he meets that last hope, he walks away since he doesn't particularly care for the way she treated him, even if she is hot.  But when the two meet again, Baxter and Veronica try their hand at making Baxter seem like a business man and get what he wants and needs to make his business grow.  

It was fun to read their thoughts about one another and just the banter back and forth kept me intrigued.  I had not read the previous book by this author but I will be reading it now.  

Reviewed by : Jennifer A