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Review : Detoured By Love by Michelle Lynn


As a fan of Michelle Lynn’s work I couldn't wait to get my hands on her latest book and the fact that it was a bit of a sports romance was just a huge bonus as I am going through a phase of loving sports romances. ‘Detoured By Love’ is a great emotional romance that I give 4 stars.

Carly Lincoln is determined and focused on getting a promotion so she has little time for a relationship. Having a dream job of traveling to exotic places and being on the move constantly works well for her and she is happy with that. However when Carly meets Bryant there is an instant chemistry between them that she has never felt before and that has her contemplating things.

Trying to recover from a major injury so that he can return to the NFL Bryant Garrity goes away to recuperate. Like what you would expect from any sexy pro football player he is cocky and used to people always wanting things from him so responds accordingly. So when he meets Carly and she wants nothing from him it totally throws him through a loop. Although driven to recover and get back to work a fling might with Carly is a wonderful distraction.

Although they return to their separate lives they run into one another again and decide to give things a go. There are hard times that they have both faced and there are a few obstacles thrown in their way but there is an explosive chemistry around them and they just cant resist one another. The relationship between them was sweet, fun, flirty and full of plenty of banter that I loved.

This book had me second guessing so many times as I truly thought I knew where it was going but it kept surprising me. More emotions than I anticipated with this read but was thrilled with the book and recommend it. Another great book by Michelle Lynn that you shouldn't miss reading.

Reviewed by Louise G.