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Review : Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn


Writing: Great
Violence: Some
Sex: Explicit
Narration: 1st person, alternating

If you enjoy reading BDSM stories with a beginner sub, then I highly recommend Dominate Me by Stacey Lynn.

Haley Portsmouth, a recent divorcee, has decided it’s time to follow her heart when it comes to relationships.  In her previous marriage, she was never fulfilled, leading her to believe she needed a something more.  She decides to look in to a D/s relationship.  After much research and encouragement by a well-known Dom, she is introduced to Jensen Rhodes.

Jensen Rhodes is a successful lawyer who is doing everything in his power to avoid another D/s relationship.  After a destructive two-year relationship with his previous sub, Jensen has sworn he would never partake in that kind of relationship again, that is until respected Dom and good friend Dylan calls him for help.

Giving in, Jensen agrees to meet Haley to determine if he would be able to lead her through exploring her hearts desires.  He is determined to keep this strictly D/s and is clear in his wishes to stay out of any sort of long term relationship.  His goal here is to introduce Haley to the lifestyle, essentially training her for a future Dom.

But as is with any intimate relationship, feelings surface.  Along with the pressure of Jensen and Haley’s exes, avoiding the growing feelings becomes increasingly difficult.  Will Jensen be able to train Haley and then let her go?  Will Haley be able to learn all she needs and then walk away from Jensen, and will the past ruin everything for Jensen and Haley before it can even get started?

BDSM stories are some of my favorite, especially when the female lead is new to the scene and needs a strong hand for guidance.  They evoke some of the strongest emotions while I read due to the breakdown of the sub to see that her Dom will take care of her.  There is nothing I enjoy more than having those emotions pulled from me during reading.  Dominate me pulled some of the best feels out of me and I LOVED IT.  Anything that can make me cry and laugh in the same sitting is a winner for me.

Dominate me is a standalone novel, written in first person, alternating between main characters with a HEA.

I am giving Dominate Me 5 Stars

Review by: Corrie H.