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Review : Downed by Jen Frederick

***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***

Writing: Good
Violence: none: minor fist fight
Sex: explicit
Narration: First

Downed, the third installment in the Gridiron series by Jen Frederick, is a witty love story featuring JR ‘Ace’ Anderson, a college football player, and Bryant Johnson, coaches daughter and team socialite.

Ace has had a successful college football career.   Up to this point, he has been Western State’s starting Quarterback and has led his team to two National Championships.  After one mistake, he loses the trust of his coach and teammates and eventually transfers to Southern U for his senior year.  Ace’s reputation precedes him when he gets to Southern U resulting in him having a difficult time fitting in with his new team, who he is tasked with leading to their first National Championship.

Bryant Johnson, the coach’s daughter, is a sweet, southern socialite who studies Sociology at Southern U.  A personable girl, Bryant uses her skills to work with scouts, boosters, and her sisters at Alpha Omega.  Kind and funny, there isn’t a player on the team that doesn’t love Bryant.  She has a reputation for reforming the bad boys with a unique social experiment, so when she meets Ace for the first time, she sees nothing but opportunity.

With Ace fighting her every step of the way, will Bryant be able to turn him into the man she knows he can be?  And if she is successful, will she be able to let him go to find happiness?

I really enjoyed this story.   Jen Frederick did a great job with these characters making them so realistic to me that when I was done I felt like I had been a third person in the story. I found myself laughing several times at the quirky southern girl; even my reading “voice” had a southern twang to it, and Ace’s indecision with what to do with Bryant wore me out!  Phew!

This story is written first person, alternating between Ace and Bryant, has a HEA and can be read as a standalone.  Some of the other characters in this book are from the previous books, but you do not need to read books 1 or 2 to understand what is going on.

I am giving Downed 5 stars

Reviewed by: Corrie H.