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Review : Filth Rich by Raine Miller


Filthy Rich is a standalone book from Raine Miller's Blackstone Dynasty series. It's a Cinderella story with a twist. Well, in this case, several twists. 

Caleb Blackstone is a billionaire mogul who's starting to feel ennui. His life revolves around his profession, forgettable women, and boring parties surrounded by the rich and wealthy. Nothing excites him anymore. Well, nothing until her, anyway.

Brooke Casterley is a young, gorgeous, British designer with a past full of secrets. Scarred from the events that caused her to run back to Boston, she's hesitant in letting people back into her life. 

If there is someone who's the complete opposite of Caleb, it would be Brooke. He's rich as sin to her middle class background, he's cool and collected to her boldness, but he's also the one that is slowly able to break Brooke out of her shell.

When Caleb spots Brooke for the first time, he falls into lust so deep, he couldn't get her out of his head. Fate helps his case as he spots her again, this time with a chance of getting to actually meet her. As they meet day by day, he slowly realizes that it's actually more than lust.  In fact, he embraces the idea that their meeting is more than chance, it was inevitable.

Past experiences open up issues between these two lovers as they face familial connections and judgements from the rich and wealthy.

Take a journey with these two people as they show you lust, love, flirtatious banters, romance, hot sex, and heartwarming scenes that will make you laugh while butterflies flit through your stomach.

Their story is more than romance. It's personal growth, it's learning, acceptance, fate, and love.

4 stars for this Cinderella and her prince....

Reviewed by Karen F.