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Review : First Step Forward by Liora Blake


First Step Forward by Liora Blake was one of those stories that grabbed you and sucked you in.  Two completely different people who are thrown together and become each other's first and last thoughts of the day.  

Pro player Cooper is taking some not wanted, but much needed time away from the only thing in his life he really  After an injury almost ends his career his coach sends him packing.  Where he meets tree-hugger, organic fruit farmer Whitney.  Whitney who doesn't believe in owning a tv and the back and forth banter between them about this very thing was hilarious!  Opposites definitely attrack in this case.  You have to read the book to fully understand,  wish I could tell you more but I would end up giving away too much.  But you'll love it!

This was a sweet, funny, and a quick read that kept your attention and left you wondering and hoping if you would see them in book #2.  

Reviewed by : Jennifer A.