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Review : Full Tilt by Emma Scott

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Full Tilt is the first novel in the Full Tilt series by Emma Scott.

Kacey Dawson has had a hard life. She was kicked out of her parent’s house when she was seventeen because she was caught in a compromising position with her boyfriend. She has been trying to reach out to them for years to be able to be accepted back in, but no such luck. She was taken in by another teen that was on her own. They then became part of the group, Rapid Confessions. Kacey is the guitarist for the group. She has been lost in alcohol and random one night stands. Her actions are currently threatening her place in the band.

Jonah Fletcher is a limo driver and a glass maker. He is currently living on borrowed time. He developed a virus that racked his heart. He received a donor heart, but his body is steadily rejecting it. He is currently working on a glass installation that will be his legacy.

Jonah has been hired to be the driver for Rapid Confessions for their show in Vegas. While after the show, Kacey is brought to him passed out after having drunk quite a bit. He takes her to his house and lets her sleep it off on his couch. From there begins a love affair that allows Kacey to become better in herself and to be able to do what she wants in her life.

I really loved this book. I cried so hard for so long that I wasn’t sure if it would ever stop. Jonah and Kacey’s love was something that touched my heart so much. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a good cry.

I would give this book five stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W