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Review : His to Cherish by Stacey Lynn

*ARC in exchange for honest review*

Emotionally distraught is how I felt after reading His To Cherish by Stacey Lynn. This book, being part of a series, is a heart wrenching story of loss and love.  Right out of the gate, Stacey plays with your heart and makes you feel so many emotions.  

Chelsea Dweyer cannot forget the screams she heard one day from the accident that happened outside of her house.  Derrick Deveraux was hurt from a skateboarding accident and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  She can't forget the images from that day and now she feels she needs to help Derricks dad, Aiden Deveraux with coming to terms with his sons death.  The man she has liked for the past two years is distraught and broken and seems to only want to be around Chelsea because she makes it all go away.

There was so much passion within this story.  Chelsea is a passionate person with the students from school in which she is the elementary school librarian, and when Derricks death happens, she mourns right along with the family and students.  She realizes that Aiden needs someone to lean on and she lets him, but doesn't realize she will fall in love with him in the process.

Aiden has wanted Chelsea for two years and Derrick also wanted his dad to date Chelsea, which seems like fate working its magic.  Aiden finds comfort in Chelsea, but eventually realizes there is more there!  He constantly says he has nothing to give, but little does he know, he has more to give than she could ever imagine.

I wish I would have read the previous books for this series so I had a little more background on all of the characters because I really liked all of them!  This book to me was amazing because even though there was tragedy, you see much it brings people together.  Stacey did an awesome job, and now I will have to go backwards :-)

Reviewed by Jodi N.