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Review : Huntsman: A Prequel to the Spider Series by Jaycee Ford


Jaycee Ford is a new author to me so when I read and loved ‘Huntsman: A Prequel to the Spider Series’ I was thrilled at the prospect of finding a great new author and was left wanting more form the Spider Series. This was a 4.5 star read for me that left me excited for more.

This was an emotional read at times as it details the struggles faced by those who fight for their country and the fight they continue to have when they come home. The loss on the battlefield is not something you get over easily and the sacrifices made by those who go off to fight is often not fully known at the time. 

In this short novella it tells us of a marine returning home and how and what he does to cope with that. He not only has to deal with the woman he left behind or the daughter he doesn't know but more importantly he has to deal with his own emotions.

For me this was a great short introduction into the writing of Jaycee Ford and definitely had me wanting more from Jaycee and from this series in particular. Would happily recommend this read to others and will be looking out for the next instalment in the ‘Spider Series’.

Reviewed by Louise G.