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Review : Imperfections by Shaniel Watson



After reading the third book in this series and enjoying it so much I decided to go back to the beginning. Shaniel Watson really brings the drama in ‘Imperfections’, it’s a four star read.

I have to admit I was a little unsure about this book when I read the blurb as although I don’t mind the best friend’s sibling, forbidden love stories or ones with cheating I do struggle a bit with the going after the partner of a sister. Maybe it’s because I grew up with two sisters and that is something that none of us would contemplate that I find it hard to digest but with that being said I actually really liked Catherine and Nicholas as characters and did in fact hate her sister.

After developing feelings for Cat as he watched her growing up Nick knew that he couldn’t act on it because she was too young at the time and he couldn’t cross his friendship with his best friend. Knowing that he would break her heart some way he decided not to pursue her.

Cat has feelings for Nick that she has kept hidden, knowing she can’t have him she things distance is the answer but after four years later she returns. When Cat returns she is horrified to find that Nick is with her sister Kate.

This tale is gripping, complicated and difficult to take in at times with just how dramatic it is. Full of regrets, passion driven and being pulled to one another Nick and Cat need to figure out how they can or cannot be in each other’s lives.

Reviewed by Louise G.