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Review : Just an Illusion by D. Kelly


Writing: Great
Violence: Some
Sex: Explicit
Narration: 1st Person, alternating

Just an Illusion: Side A by D. Kelly is the first installment in the Illusion Series. 

Meet Amelia Greyson.  Amelia, a reserved, eclectic romance author, prefers to keep out of the limelight.  At the request of her best friend Belle, she attends a concert for the rock band BAD, and her life takes a 180 degree turn.

Meet Noah Weston.  Noah is one-fourth of the band BAD and all around good guy.  With great looks and personality to match, not falling for Noah will be the hardest thing that Amelia will ever do.  BAD is looking to retire and will spend the last year of their career on an acoustic tour.  Upon meeting Amelia, the band knows they must convince her to write their story.

Amelia and Noah have an instant attraction, one that Amelia is less than excited to explore due to her personal history, but Noah refuses to give up on her.  Noah’s brother and bandmate Sawyer is also showing some interest, but Amelia doesn’t know either brother well enough to know what to do.

Follow along as Amelia explores her attraction to Noah and discovers what makes Sawyer the man he is.

I knew from page 20 that I would be giving this book the highest rating available.  There is so much mystery in this story that even writing this review is difficult without giving away all the good stuff.  My jaw dropped several times and not once did I get bored reading this at all, in fact it was a sit down and read from front to back in one sitting kind of deal.   I went through so many emotions reading Amelia and Noah’s story.  D. Kelly does a great job weaving all the characters in and out of each other’s lives.  I was in this story with them all, laughing and crying and everything in between.  

This book does end in a HUGE cliffhanger, one I will not be recovering from any time soon.

Reviewed by Corrie H