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Review : Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***
Miracle on 5th Avenue is the third novel in the From Manhattan with Love Series by Sarah Morgan.
Eva Jordan is an entrepreneur who runs a business with her two best friends. It is Christmas time and she is currently mourning the loss of her grandmother from a year ago. Her grandmother raised her to be the good person that she is and she misses her. She was the last living relative that she had. She is a hopeless romantic, but has not been able to find love in her own life. Her two best friends are in loving committed relationships. She is happy for them, but is waiting for her opportunity to have the experience herself.
Lucas Blade is a best-selling crime writer. He two is mourning over the loss of a loved one. His wife passed away three years ago around the Christmas holiday, and he is having a very difficult time coping with the loss. He currently has a deadline to meet for his latest novel, but he has lost his inspiration. He doesn’t know what to do, because this has never happened to him before.
Eva is given a job to decorate a penthouse apartment. The owner is supposed to be away for the time being and it is supposed to be a surprise. A bad blizzard is supposed to hit and Eva plans to stay over while she completes her job. However, surprise, surprise, Lucas has not gone away to write. He has lied to his family and friends and told them that he has gone away to write and will be back upon completion. Lucas wants Eva to leave as soon as possible. However, after viewing the results of the ongoing blizzard, he has a change of heart and allows for her to stay.
Eva becomes his inspiration for his new crime novel, but will Eva as Lucas’ inspiration, cause for them to become closer? Or once Eva has completed her job, will they then go on their separate ways?
I would give this book four stars.
Reviewed by: Nikki W.