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Review : Need by K.I. Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco



‘Need’ by KI Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco was my type of book. It was a friend’s to lovers but forbidden romance with plenty of chemistry and feelings. This is a four star read for me that I really recommend you read.

Growing up as together Brayden falls for Kira and wants so much more from her. This was a book full to the brim with angst, humour, reflection, frustration and first time and deep love. Brayden is a little bit older than Kira and he wants her as more than a friend and this is a feeling shared by Kira but life throws them in a tail spin just as it looked like their chance was upon them.

Having been friends for years and having developed feelings they struggle with the step sibling roles they find themselves in. This is more than a forbidden romance in that it is people who need and want love and who have been there for each other at various times of their respective lives but now when they need each other more than ever they are forced to face a situation that can even ruin the friendship they have.

Being able to read from both perspectives allowed you to get to know the characters better and allowed a better connection to them. The story flowed well and you really get to enjoy spending time with the characters as their story progressed. Unfortunately a bit of a cliff hanger but not one that will have you throwing your kindle away as the second book is out and you can do what I did and dive right in.

Reviewed by Louise G.